At Peace Heating and Air Conditioning, we don’t shy away from even the biggest commercial HVAC maintenance and repair projects! Whether we’re providing 24hour emergency AC replacement or scheduled air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation for your HVAC system, Peace Heating and Air Condition offers the greater Charlotte metro area comfort and responsiveness unmatched by any other HVAC professionals based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

And that’s why Peace Heating and Air Conditioning was entrusted to execute the commercial HVAC repair Charlotte Convention Center needed!

The Charlotte Convention Center had a BIG problem: Its existing HVAC systems had a drainage issue that didn’t permit water to be directed safely away from the ceilings and occupied spaces. As a result, one of the rooms was virtually destroyed by infiltrating water. The timing was fortuitous since the Convention Center is already undergoing renovations and updates, but the follow-on problems created by the water and the improper drainage needed to be addressed quickly to prevent compromised health benefits and additional pollutants and contaminants into the environment. 

For an HVAC systems evaluation and repair of this magnitude, only a contractor who met the strictest possible selection criteria would do–and that meant Peace Heating and Air Conditioning!

Peace Heating and Air Conditioning dispatched a five-person repair crew to perform the three-day air conditioning and HVAC system repair. The roof and condenser unit had to be completely dry in order for us to be able to do the job properly, and uncooperative weather forced us to postpone the repair once before we were able to proceed. Once we got on-site, to get our materials where they needed to be, we had to rent a 60-foot lift to access the roofline without interfering with operations and traffic inside the building. We quickly learned that at 60 feet above ground level, the wind is not the same as it is on the street and there tends to be a lot more of it!

When we got into the guts of the system and found the water drainage issue, we had to do some fast thinking to work out an effective solution. Ultimately, we determined the best way to manage the situation was adding drain pans to the inside air handler as well as condensation pumps on each AC unit, as a proactive solution concerning this issue. One of the perks of managing the drainage issue this way was the ability to reroute the water safely away from areas where it could otherwise linger to become a health and structural integrity hazard.

 Our crew received a great many compliments on their professionalism, capability, and the streamlined work we accomplished for their HVAC system. 

We were able to complete the air conditioning maintenance and repairs on schedule with no mishaps or difficulties. Our point of contact for the Charlotte Convention Center was very pleased, saying, “This is what we should have done the first time around!”

Peace Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to have provided the fast, efficient commercial HVAC repair Charlotte Convention Center needed. 


Keep reading to learn more about how the friendly, knowledgeable staff of Peace Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with your residential, commercial, government, education, healthcare, or another project in the Charlotte area!


Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial HVAC Repair Charlotte Businesses Know


Question: How can I keep my family and staff safe if I need to hire an HVAC technician when social distancing? –Melissa, Uptown Charlotte,  NC


Answer: The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be here to stay, and everyone is having to adjust the ways in which they interact with others, including service-oriented industries like your Charlotte HVAC company. Peace Heating and Air Conditioning offer a number of ways to keep you and yours as protected from COVID and other diseases as possible, including:

  • Contactless HVAC equipment repair and maintenance program
  • Each HVAC specialist we send out uses masks, hand sanitizer and practices social distancing
  • We can even arrange to enter your home or business for repair, installation, and maintenance of your HVAC systems while your family or staff are safely away!

Every customer we have is important to us, and we want to keep you and the people you care about as safe and healthy as we can. It’s just one more one way Peace Heating and Air Conditioning is where peace of mind meets the heating and air conditioning for your HVAC system needs.


Question: How much do commercial HVAC system services cost in Mecklenburg County, NC? –Pete, South End Charlotte, NC


Answer: The cost of commercial heating and air conditioning services varies greatly. A simple one-unit commercial HVAC maintenance call for an attic unit will cost less than a full HVAC system design-build and furnace installation with multiple units, building automation, zone climate control, and complete ductwork which has components from the rooftop to the basement. Peace Heating and Air Conditioning offer complete HVAC system inspection, maintenance, and estimates for repairs and commercial HVAC services including replacement, repair, or installation in Mount Holly, Gastonia, Charlotte, Fort Mill, Matthews, Huntersville, Denver, Hickory, Rock Hill, Lincolnton, Gaffney, Mooresville, Sardis Forest, Unionville, and the entire Charlotte metro area to give you the best possible price and results. And yes, our estimates include applicable tax and fees!


Question: How many years of HVAC systems experience does Peace Heating and Air Conditioning have? –Julian, NoDa Charlotte, NC


Answer: When your air conditioner or furnace breaks you need a true, professional HVAC contractor with real experience and credibility on your side. In Charlotte and the surrounding area, that means you need Peace Heating and Air Conditioning. Our technicians have combined decades of experience with residential and commercial heating and cooling and HVAC installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our experienced, certified technicians can get your heat or air conditioning working the way you expect it to. To learn more about our technicians and how we can help you with your heating replacement and repair needs, click here to contact us!


Question: How do I know if my HVAC system is working correctly or costing me a fortune in wasted energy on my heating and cooling? –Martin, Midtown Charlotte, NC


Answer: The simplest way to know if your HVAC systems are working properly is to determine if they are cooling and heating the space appropriately. One early sign your air conditioning and heating systems are beginning to malfunction is rising energy costs when usage and settings remain the same. This indicates your system is working harder to achieve the same outcome and can be easily determined in less than five minutes with a calculator. If you need an HVAC replacement, the EPA offers perks and rebates on systems that meet certain energy savings and selection criteria.


Question: What if my company needs more than heating or air conditioning service? Does Peace Heating and Air Conditioning offer to finance for heating repair or HVAC system replacement? –Jackie, Dilworth Charlotte, NC


Answer: Peace Heating and Air Conditioning are here to make sure you don’t get a temp repair, but an actual, functioning HVAC system that performs for your home, office, or another facility for the long haul. Because of this, we have commercial financing and residential financing available for certain qualifying services and replacements on approved credit.

Peace Heating and Air Conditioning offers a full range of residential and commercial HVAC services, maintenance, and repairs, including but not limited to:

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