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Your staff and clientele expect and deserve a safe, comfortable, welcoming environment. So do you! When your commercial ductwork needs cleaning, you’ll notice very quickly because of increased sick days, allergy outbreaks and increasing heating and cooling bills. Peace Heating and Air Conditioning has the right equipment, tools and knowledge to help you, your employees and your customers breathe easier with commercial duct cleaning that’s second to none, so you can focus on the most important business of all: your own!
Benefits of having your ducts cleaned regularly include:
• Fewer sick days
• Less allergy outbreaks
• Less time and money spent cleaning
• Lower energy bills
• A healthier workplace
• A happier, healthier workforce

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How Do I Know I Need Commercial Air Duct Cleaning?

Like your body, your HVAC system has ways of warning you when it’s not running at peak efficiency. Common symptoms of needing commercial duct cleaning Mooresville and the greater Lake Norman metro area trust include:
• Unusual amounts of dust, no matter how hard you, your employees, or your cleaning service scrub
• Increased energy bills even though your HVAC’s net usage and temperature settings haven’t changed
• Spikes in allergies, illnesses, and respiratory disorders such as asthma attacks
• A musty odor which may indicate mold or fungi growing in your ductwork
• Higher irritability and short tempers around the office, even when your workflow and general operations stay the same

Peace Heating and Air Conditioning proudly serves the Charlotte metro area and beyond with efficient HVAC service and commercial duct cleaning for the following markets.

• Commercial
• Government
• Healthcare
• Industrial
• Long-Term Care facilities
• Residential
• And more!
At Peace Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re always ready to assist with your commercial HVAC duct cleaning and other service needs, anytime and anywhere from Lake Norman to Mooresville and beyond!
• We offer 24/7/365 service to assist you with your commercial duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance and repairs.
• We give you an honest assessment and estimate of your duct cleaning situation, so you can make the right choices for you and your business.
• Flat-rate billing makes it easy for you to keep control of your commercial HVAC ductwork cleaning and maintenance budget, while getting a firm grip on your climate control issues!
• From ductwork cleaning to a complete HVAC system overhaul, our work is always performed by certified, trained, licensed and background-checked HVAC technicians with plenty of experience and pride in the job they do. Our people won’t leave until the job is done right the first time, every time.

Peace Heating and Air Conditioning handles both ordinary and downright strange HVAC and ductwork issues, such as:

• Abnormal particulate buildup: If you’re vacuuming your carpets and rugs more often, having to stop and wipe down surfaces several times a week because of dust or you notice dust, dirt, and lint buildup around vents and registers, you’re probably overdue for commercial duct cleaning and filter replacement. This is especially true if you don’t know the last time your ductwork was cleaned, if you’ve just taken over a new building or if you’ve just occupied a newly commissioned commercial space!
• Indications of mold in the system: A musty, damp odor which lingers in the air no matter how much industrial-strength air freshener you use, outbreaks of moderate to severe asthma attacks and other respiratory problems, and of course finding dark green or black streaks radiating out from registers and vents are signs you may have a black mold problem. If this is the case, having your commercial ductwork professionally cleaned is a simple matter of health and safety for you, your employees, and your customers!
• Hot and cold spots: If you notice significant variations in temperature from room to room, or one vent is blowing out hot air at full force and another is blowing cooler air, this is a possible indicator that you’ve got particulate and moisture buildup in your ductwork to such a degree that it’s impacting airflow and temperature. This is an especially troubling sign because temperature differentials create condensation, which when coupled with dust, pollen, allergens, dirt, and even insect offal offer molds and fungi a buffet and the perfect conditions to grow!
• Uneven airflow: To a certain degree, the farther a given vent is from the HVAC unit and blower, the less airflow it will receive because of physics. However, if you’re getting a full blast of air from a vent in the hallway but your office is dribbling out a wimpy little breeze, it’s a good idea to check for obstructions such as built-up particulates and moisture. If you find them, you need commercial air duct cleaning Mooresville relies on quickly, before poor airflow compromises the comfort, health, and safety of the people who work in your space!
• Increased energy bills: To a certain degree, your commercial HVAC system is designed to maintain a homeostatic temperature in the space it services. That means the temperature should always be more or less consistent. However, if you’re using your system on the same settings and with the same frequency as you always did, but your energy bills are rising and nothing else has changed, cleaning the ductwork is usually a good first step to troubleshooting the issue. Your HVAC system may be working harder and consuming more power to try to maintain the desired temperature because of blockage, obstruction, and foreign matter in the commercial ductwork. Even better, in many cases, this can save you an unnecessary unit service call and shave a hefty percentage off your energy bill over time!
To learn more about professional commercial ductwork cleaning and how Peace Heating and Air Conditioning can save you time and money on your HVAC energy bills and give you and your staff a safer, healthier environment, call, click, or come by one of our Lake Norman metro area locations today!

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