Commercial Furnace & Heating System Replacement for Lake Norman Metro and Beyond!

You want to get the maximum ROI out of everything involved with your business, and your commercial heating system is no different. Unfortunately, as with everything else, there comes a time when even the most robust systems break down and the best way forward is to consider replacement. Peace Heating And Air Conditioning is committed to giving you and your business the best possible care and service, and sometimes that means recommending a commercial furnace replacement.

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How Do I Know It’s Time for Commercial Furnace Replacement?

Six key criteria should inform your decision to repair or replace your commercial heating system:

  • How old is it? Commercial furnace units are always improving, becoming more powerful and efficient. Because of this, the EPA’s EnergyStar Program recommends replacing your commercial furnace if it’s 15 years old or more.
  • How often am I repairing it? If you feel like you spend more timing talking to your HVAC company than your clients, or if the total cost of repairs reaches or exceeds more than half of the initial purchase price of the system, also known as the 50% rule, it may simply make more sense from a fiscal perspective to arrange a commercial heating system replacement.
  • Heard and not seen? A commercial furnace which is struggling to keep up with the temperature demands of your space may create excessive or unusual noise.
  • Uncomfortably numb? If you feel unusual drafts or cold spots where there shouldn’t be any, the good news is, it’s not a ghost. The bad news is, your furnace may be on the verge of complete failure and unable to keep up anymore.
  • How much is this costing me? Numbers don’t lie. Sometimes, the operating cost of your current commercial furnace unit versus a new unit might indicate the old system is actually more of a money sink than simply having the unit replaced.
  • SAFETY FIRST! Some signs should never be ignored. A heat exchanger which is damaged, cracked or has holes in it, is a good indication your commercial furnace system needs to be replaced immediately so as not to pose a fire or carbon monoxide hazard to your business and the people in it.

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What Options Do I Have for Commercial Furnace Replacement?

When you’re looking for a new commercial heating system, Peace Heating And Air Conditioning offers a wide range of options suitable for just about every type of business or building, including:

  • Commercial gas furnaces
  • Electric furnaces for businesses
  • Oil furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Commercial air-source heat pumps
  • Professional-grade geothermal heat pumps

If you decide to replace your commercial furnace unit, a regular maintenance regimen can ensure it a great start. This should include annual maintenance by qualified technicians and regular preventative maintenance which is done in-house.

What’s the Advantage of Replacing My Existing Commercial Furnace Unit?

Replacing your existing commercial furnace with a new, more efficient model is an investment in the future of your business with numerous benefits that include:

  • Reduced energy costs: Furnace efficiency is measured by what are known as Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings. Since the 1970s, these ratings have soared from 65% efficiency to some of today’s modern commercial furnaces reaching an incredible 97%. This means huge monthly power and fuel bills for your business, cutting your HVAC expenditures drastically over the new unit’s operational life.
  • More comfort: A new commercial furnace offers better and more uniform control over the interior temperature of the building your business is housed in, even when the mercury plummets.
  • Environmentally sound: Reduced energy consumption equals a lesser carbon footprint from your business on the environment.

Special Note Regarding EnergyStar

Furnaces bearing the EnergyStar label are designed to meet the EPA’s strict guidelines for energy efficiency. Purchasing a new commercial heat system with the EnergyStar logo helps you reduce pollution and save energy while making your business a more comfortable place for everyone who visits.

Every region of the United States has different requirements to attain an EnergyStar rating:

  • U.S. North: An EnergyStar-certified gas furnace in the northern U.S. is designed to deliver up to 16% more energy efficiency than baseline models in its class.
  • U.S. South: Because the South has less extremes of cold than the north, EnergyStar requirements in the Southern states carry a unique EnergyStar logo and reach up to 12% increased efficiency over baseline models.

For more information on how Peace Heating And Air Conditioning can save you and your company time, money and discomfort, call, click, or come by one of our Lake Norman metro area locations today!

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