We recently caught up with Chad and his assistants, Kyle and Tim, on a residential AC and furnace installation right in our backyard in Mooresville! After meeting with the customer, our crew removed the old furnace unit, leaving us a clear path to install the new furnace and air conditioner. Chad was kind enough to let us tag along and ask questions as he and his HVAC crew did the air conditioner installation.

Anatomy of a new HVAC installation

After removing the original furnace unit, the crew installed the new AC system, which includes a furnace, cooling coil for the AC and of course the thermostat, the “brain” of the system. Unlike old systems, new air conditioner systems include a number of built-in safety, energy savings and efficiency upgrades, which are designed to make them run better, longer and for less money on your monthly bill. Chad explained that in this case, a drain pan, safety mechanisms and a return box to help maximize airflow through the HVAC system were needed to help keep the unit running at peak performance with optimal safety. Once the new unit was installed and patched into the home’s HVAC ductwork system, it was time for a test run!


New AC Installation Inside and Out

With the interior installation done, it was time to head outside and work on installing the AC condenser. This is the part of a central air conditioning unit which lives outside, pulling air into the system and starting the cooling process in the summer. After draining the freon from the existing condenser into a special vessel for disposal, cutting the power, and removing the low and high-voltage connections, the installers were ready to get the new condenser into position. They set the unit in place, ensured it was perfectly level for optimum performance, and tested its performance using nitrogen gas. Once it passed the gas test, they checked the voltages between the house and the unit to ensure there were no potential problems, charged the new condenser unit with coolant to the correct level and system pressure, and gave the new AC unit its maiden voyage.

Why Have New AC Installed?

Chad explained that the old AC condenser for the house was much smaller and had a lower SEER rating, at an estimated 8-9, than the new AC unit, which is rated at 16. With the smaller circumference of the old unit, it did not have the available surface area to channel air efficiently into the home, meaning the unit worked harder and drew more power, which cost the homeowners money without delivering the comfort they expected. Now that the new AC unit is in place, we expect the homeowners and their family will enjoy a much more comfortable summer and lower heating and cooling bills year-round.

Brian Pysz, the owner of Peace Heating And Air Conditioning, elaborated on this a little. The old system used R-22 refrigerant, also known as freon. Under new environmental laws which will take effect in 2020, all new AC units and installations must use 410A. Brian noted that by installing the new unit now, the homeowners are ahead of the curve and in compliance with the new EPA standards.

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