hello everybody and welcome back to peace heating and air conditioning I'm Matt your live streaming host and as always we have Brian peace uh Brian what I hear you're in Statesville today uh working on a on a pretty big install here what why don't tell every everybody what's going on and and give us a little insight here please yeah we're actually in downtown Statesville uh doing a two system install at the in on Front Street such a beautiful home I don't know if you can see in the background here but just all kinds of old architecture and it's it's fantastic to work here we're putting in two systems uh gas furnaces for this uh beautiful home and love working in Stateville it's a great the community is fantastic up here excellent Brian and uh you know talks uh through the system a little bit and also with uh you know with it being the first day of spring Happy Spring everybody uh you know let's go into a little bit of uh to maintenance you know because right now let's face it you know we have we're getting near mild weather which everybody including me is like thank goodness however when the heat's coming our systems work extra hard this is the time to call your local Friendly Neighborhood HVAC person and have your system checked out we we've seen the commercials from other companies but what are the importance of Maintenance Brian uh especially right now in the springtime so let me let me say that the systems we're putting in is an 80% furnace and a 90% f furnace these systems are actually 20 years old so it was certainly time to change them out the efficiency they're going to see is going to be amazing um but flipping over to maintenance maintenance is one of the most important things you can do we preach it and preach it and preach it but if you want them to live and lasts a long time you have to maintain them just like you maintain your car you wouldn't drive your car 100,000 miles without maintenance you certainly don't want to leave your HVAC unattended for many years and then be and not be Pro active versus reactive we're a 78 point inspection we're not coming out and just cleaning your coils we're not just coming out and doing one part of the system we come out twice a year and we go from beginning to end from AC to furnace to make sure everything's the way it's supposed to be so that you are safe for the upcoming hot seasons in North Carolina excellent and uh working with a local contractor it really makes sense because they become familiar with your system you're not just calling a new person every time wondering what you have um I know you have a pretty good syste

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