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The leaves are falling, the weather’s getting cooler, and winter is on its way. It’s time to start looking toward the colder months ahead and making sure your furnace is ready to keep your home or office toasty and comfortable even on the coldest days and nights. If your furnace is blowing lukewarm air, not blowing at all, or making sounds which just don’t sound right, contact Peace Heating And Air Conditioning for fast, professional furnace repair which will keep your family cozy at a price that will keep your wallet happy!

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At Peace Heating And Air Conditioning, you’re not just an account or a customer.


Because we’re locally owned and operated in Mooresville, NC, you’re our neighbors, family, and friends, and we make it our business to treat you that way, whether we’re just doing a furnace inspection and routine maintenance to make sure your HVAC is ready for the winter weather to come or performing a complete system replacement.

Call Peace Heating And Air Conditioning for HVAC repair Mooresville customers have come to know and trust!



Peace Heating And Air Conditioning is Mooresville’s most trusted name for the following heating services and more!

  • residential and commercial HVAC inspection, cleaning and repair
  • residential and commercial heating solutions
  • gas line installation and repair
  • ductwork installation, repair and service
  • residential, light commercial and industrial AC and heating installation
  • residential and commercial heating repair
  • air duct cleaning and duct sealing
  • sheet metal fabrication
  • and more!


Heating repair, maintenance, and installation from your Mooresville HVAC contractor of choice

Our technicians’ product knowledge is second to none, so you can rest assured your heat and air will be ready for whatever the weather sends our way!


We recommend having your furnace serviced and inspected for signs of damage and wear twice a year before the weather gets too cold and at the end of the service season, so you know your heater will be up to the task of ensuring your family’s comfort all winter long. Our NATE certified-trained technicians will give your home or commercial HVAC system a thorough inspection and cleaning, checking your heating systems for signs of wear and tear which could lead to expensive repair and replacement later. You can also save money and hassle with our preventative maintenance agreements, which help keep your indoor air quality high and your heating repair bills low.

To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Like New, Try Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Programs


Over time, parts of your heating and cooling systems will begin to wear out, just like with any other mechanical system.


Even with the most rigorous heating maintenance, heater parts may fail due to ongoing damage from insects, dust, storms, debris, and extensive or continuous operation. Peace Heating and Air Conditioning’s trained, professional technicians have the experience and product knowledge to diagnose and perform HVAC repairs or even air conditioning installation and furnace installation to get your home’s climate control and indoor air quality back to the condition you and your family deserve! For your air, heating, and ventilation needs, consider Peace Heating And Air Conditioning.

Certified, Licensed, and Insured HVAC Repair Mooresville Trusts



Heat Repair and Furnace Replacement When You Need Them


When heating repairs are needed, don’t wait! Your family expects to stay warm and comfy any time of the season. Whether your furnace is just making a weird noise, puts out cold air when you need it to be hot or simply doesn’t start, Peace Heating And Air Conditioning are there for you with quick, professional, efficient service for your heating repair, maintenance, and installation needs. We’re even available for emergency service, 24/7/365!

Mooresville North Carolina Heating and HVAC Repair Experts


There are plenty of good North Carolina HVAC companies, each one of which serves Mooresville and the greater Charlotte Metro area.


Peace Heating And Air Conditioning doesn’t just settle for “good.”


Each one of our technicians has passed the North Carolina licensing process and are NATE certified. From the person who answers the phone to schedule routine maintenance to the technician who shows up with an emergency stock of furnaces to install, we want your home or office to be a comfortable place regardless of the weather or time of day. One of the reasons we’re the source for heater repair Mooresville trusts is that when we perform service, we take the time to explain what we’re doing, what your options are and why, putting you in control of your system heating repair maintenance upgrade or replacement. Our honest, no-gimmicks pricing, available financing options (with approved credit) warranties on new equipment and preventative maintenance agreements mean less financial worry for you while getting your service and repairs done right the first time. Your existing home warranty or extended warranties may even save you more on your heating and appliance repairs, and our systems allow us to get your payment accepted over the phone! Whether you’re heating a home or installing a commercial heating solution, Peace Heating And Air Conditioning is the go-to HVAC contractor of choice for folks from Sherrills Ford to Vale to Belmont and beyond for maintenance, installation and repairs on gas and electric furnaces, air conditioners and so much more.


Heating and A/C Maintenance, No Matter The Season!

Mooresville NC’s Most Trusted Name in Heat Repair


Your HVAC system should be serviced in the spring and fall to make sure they’re still working the way they should and are ready for the season to come.


Peace Heating And Air Conditioning offers a complete roster of residential and commercial HVAC repair and maintenance services including:

  • New Furnaces
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Furnace Replacement Mooresville
  • Gas Furnace Repairs
  • New Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat Pump Repairs
  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • AC/Furnace Maintenance
  • Equipment Retrofit

No matter what the weather does, your Race City heating and air conditioning system should always deliver the maximum comfort to your family with the minimum pain to your wallet.


You have a choice in your HVAC contractors in Mooresville, which is why Peace Heating And Air Conditioning is dedicated to making sure you and those you love can live in comfort all year round.


Whether your heating system requires maintenance services, HVAC repairs, or even residential and commercial heating installation or AC installation of new air conditioning products covered by industry-renowned extended warranties, Peace Heating And Air Conditioning s committed to being the best Mooresville HVAC contractor for all your home’s comfort needs. We diligently deliver the best services coupled with a product selection from the best-known names in the heating and air conditioning industry to keep your business or home HVAC system working smoothly every day of the year!

Professional Heating Repair, Service and Maintenance Helps Keep Your Family Comfortable All Winter Long


You and your family deserve a safe, comfortable, healthy environment, especially in the winter when everyone tends to stay inside more. A noisy heater can be tough on your nerves and your ears. It can also be hard on your climate control budget and compromise the air quality of your home, which is hard on your family’s health.


Peace Heating And Air Conditioning is your Mooresville heating and AC repair specialist.


Our technicians are among the highest trained in the business and have all the right skills, experience, and tools to keep your air, heating and ventilation systems running at maximum efficiency, keeping your energy bill lower while ensuring the healthy environment you want for your family. Whether your unit just needs a simple maintenance check, a comprehensive overhaul or a new air conditioner installation, Peace Heating and Air Conditioning’s indoor air quality specialists have you covered with friendly, efficient service and great brands Mooresville residential and commercial clients have come to know and trust, making us one of the top HVAC contractors in Mooresville. To find out more about how Peace Heating and Air Conditioning can help keep your home or office comfy and inviting year-round, click here to contact us today. And for more information on furnace replacement Mooresville trusts, keep reading for our FAQs about furnace replacement from homeowners and business owners just like you!


Frequently Asked Questions about Furnace Repair Mooresville Trusts

Peace Heating and Air Conditioning is on your side with honest information and real talk about all your HVAC needs, which is why we are “where peace of mind meets heating and air conditioning!”


Question: What are some signs that I need to have my furnace replaced? –Will, Mooresville, NC

Answer: There are two nice things about modern HVAC systems. First, because even an electric furnace is still mostly mechanical on the inside, they give warning signs when they’re about to fail. Second, when they reach the end of their service life and you need furnace replacement, those signs usually stop being subtle very quickly. Some common furnace failure indications include:

  • Your average heating bill seems to be steadily rising, even when you haven’t added any other high-energy appliance to your home and your monthly usage and utility rates haven’t changed. This doesn’t always mean there’s a problem, but if you’re writing bigger checks every month to keep your homes interior or office at the same temperature, this is a pretty strong sign that you may need heating service.
  • The furnace blowers stop working or only work intermittently. This could suggest you have a clogged filter that needs attention on the easy side, or that the furnace blower motor needs to be repaired or has failed completely, especially if the blowers won’t kick on at all. The need for replacement blower motors is one of the most common reason for HVAC failure and heating repairs.
  • You may notice tapping, vibrating or scraping sounds coming from inside the unit or ductwork. This could mean your inducer motor is clogged with soot and dust; that the motor has a loose or thrown bearing; or that motor failure is imminent. Depending on what the issue is, it’s possible routine furnace maintenance protocols will resolve the issue without getting into more major heater repairs.
  • Your furnace may not get as hot as it should, or alternate between too cold and too hot even when you don’t touch the controls. This may be because your furnace needs heat exchanger repair. The type of furnace you have will usually determine what kind of heat exchanges it uses, because oil furnaces typically use one kind while a natural gas furnace uses another and still another kind is used for boiler repair. This could also indicate that you need thermostat replacement and that the problem isn’t necessarily with the primary unit at all, which is good news because it’s almost always easier and cheaper than more in-depth furnace repairs.
  • The circuit breaker your unit is connected to keeps popping or blowing. This indicates your furnace is pulling too much power, which could mean anything from faulty flame sensors to a need to have the circuit board replaced. Circuit board replacement costs tend to be less than blower motors depending on the model, but likely more than basic furnace servicing.   

These are just a few indicators that might tell you it’s time to have your furnace replaced, and this list is by no means intended to be exhaustive. But if you find yourself dealing with any of these situations, it’s always a good idea to have Peace Heating and Air Conditioning come out for a furnace inspection before you find yourself and your family out in the cold—literally!


Question: How much does home furnace repair cost? –Bobby, Mooresville, NC

Answer: The cost to repair any given HVAC system depends on the type of unit, its age and what the root problem is. If you need gas furnace repair, that’s going to cost more than a simple furnace cleaning and calibration. Boiler repair will likely cost more to work on than a ductless air system. Oil furnace repair might cost more than a basic electric furnace. 

The key points to remember when you need furnace servicing or furnace replacement Mooresville and the surrounding area relies on are:
  • The cost to repair a system will depend to some degree on the age and type of the unit.
  • What’s wrong with the unit will certainly influence the overall repair costs.
  • If you already have or are about to spend more than 51% of the unit’s initial purchase and installation cost in repair costs, it is definitely time to consider another system. While the replacement costs may seem daunting, you’ll actually save money in the long term on your energy bill, operating costs and reduced inspection costs.

Peace Heating and Air Conditioning offers a range of great HVAC systems from trusted names, to help keep you and your family comfortable and cozy no matter what the thermometer or the weather does. Click here to check out our list of available offerings today!


Question: My gas furnace won’t stay lit. What can I do to fix that? –Shannon, Mooresville, NC

Answer: There are several reasons your gas furnace pilot light may not want to light, or stay lit. One of the most common issues is a faulty or failed ignitor, which is the link between the gas valve and the combustion chamber. Ignitor replacement cost tends to be fairly inexpensive, although it depends on your unit’s make and model, where it’s located in your home, how accessible the pilot light hatch is and so on. The system may also not be getting enough oxygen at the pilot light. Remember, any type of flame needs three key ingredients: oxygen, fuel and a heat source. If any of these things are taken away, you don’t have a flame and your furnace will not light, period. This could indicate that your furnace’s flue pipes are clogged with dirt, dust, debris or soot and are just due for a good cleaning so your furnace gets the clear airflow it needs to maintain the pilot light. Any way you cut it, it’s always better to have a professional like Peace Heating and Air Conditioning take a look, so we can find out what the problem is and get it fixed, fast!


Question: When my furnace kicks on at the beginning of the season, there’s always a hot dusty smell in the air that takes days to go away. Is something wrong with my furnace? –Jessica, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Not necessarily, and in fact most likely not. What you’re probably smelling is all the accumulated dust, dirt, pollen and other airborne contaminants that have built up in the system since the last time you had your air ducts cleaned. These tiny particles are being heated up and stirred around by the system as it works to get your home or office to the temperature at which you set the thermostat. For this reason, we strongly suggest air duct cleaning at least twice a year, to help eliminate all those contaminants and let you breathe easier as the seasons change. Plus, air duct cleaning costs less on average than most kinds of basic repairs on your HVAC unit!


Question: What does the inspection cost for my home electric furnace include? –Chet, Mooresville, NC

Answer: When Peace Heating and Air Conditioning comes out to inspect your HVAC system, we always check everything from the electrical system and wiring to the evaporator coils to the flue pipes as part of our comprehensive heating and air conditioning assessment. 

Our advanced diagnostic apps allow us to patch into most modern systems’ onboard computer systems, allowing us to find out how the system is running and whether there are any indications of a potential problem which might lead to needing furnace replacement

. But we don’t stop at just looking at the computer readout. We also visually inspect and clean parts that commonly need some TLC, like the blower assembly, air filters, fans and belts. In addition, we make recommendations for further preventative maintenance services based on what we see and what the computer tells us, so we can help you keep your HVAC repair cost down and get more years of your system performing at its peak through the changing seasons. This dedication to making sure you know exactly what we’re doing, why, and what the next steps ought to be is what has made Peace Heating and Air Conditioning the Race City heating contractor of choice for the greater Charlotte North Carolina metro area—and it’s why we’re confident once you see how we handle HVAC inspection, repair and replacement, we’ll be your first call for all your heating and air conditioning repair and installation needs!


Question: I just moved to the area and I don’t know if I need my furnace repaired or if I just need furnace service. Can you help? –Oliver, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Absolutely, and congratulations on moving to the Mooresville area! While some builders and HVAC companies only look at the basic, obvious components of your system, Peace Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered with a comprehensive checklist and tear sheet for your entire heating and air conditioning installation. This list is broken down into categories so you can see what we’ve looked at, what we’ve found and what we recommend to fix any discrepancies so your system will continue to give you great service for years to come. Once we’re done with the inspection, we’ll discuss the checklist in detail and let you make the final decision as to what will and won’t be done, without any pressure. More importantly, we do not try to sell you on parts and services you don’t need, or try to talk you into paying for anything that isn’t going to help make your HVAC system work more reliably and efficiently. For us, great customer service is all about making sure we give a fair price and excellent work to every customer on all our projects, while getting their Mooresville heating repairs and maintenance service handled quickly, so they can spend more time enjoying their environment and less time worrying about it. We’re always happy to take a look at your system and make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to, with less hassle and stress!


Question: I’m a real estate investor with property in Lake Norman, Troutman, Lincolnton, Matthews, Huntersville and Cornelius. Can Peace Heating and Air Conditioning provide HVAC services including furnace replacement in these areas!

Answer: Of course we can! We serve the entire greater Lake Norman and Charlotte metro area, so chances are wherever your properties are within the area, we can get there to help you. More importantly, we’re always ready to talk with new customers including owners of properties of every size and description about how we can apply our skills to make your HVAC services simple, affordable and cost effective. Depending on how many properties you have, we might even be able to discuss discounts on our fee schedule for routine maintenance and emergency heating and AC replacement and repairs. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a complete list of cities in the Charlotte area we serve, and click here to email us so we can evaluate your project and to see if Peace Heating and Air Conditioning is the right choice for all your heating and cooling needs!


Question: I think I need a furnace replacement but I don’t want to pay someone to do something I could handle myself. Is this okay? –Jake, Mooresville, NC

Answer: We get a lot of calls and email asking some variation of this question. Sorry to tell you this, but no, DIY furnace repairs of any kind are NEVER a good idea! One big reason for this is that nearly all modern HVAC systems require they be worked on by trained professionals who know what to do to repair or replace a faulty part when necessary, without injury or causing bigger problems for your home or business. 

If you try to do your furnace replacement yourself, you may find the warranty stops—and so does your home owners’ insurance policy, for any subsequent damages or problems that can be linked to your work on your own system. 

Even if you have the skills to install a simple switch or a whole system, unless you’re a certified HVAC contractor in your own right (and let’s be honest here, you wouldn’t be asking us if this was okay if you were), you’re more likely to see your “simple” replacement turn into an expensive time and money sink than you are to get the results you think you’re going to. And this doesn’t even consider basic questions like how you’re going to get the unit through the exterior door and navigate the interior doors to get the unit down into the basement or up into the attic without tearing up your lawn, garden and flooring. It also doesn’t take into account that many jurisdictions in the greater Charlotte and Lake Norman area require you have proper licensing and permits to install a new HVAC system, which again unless you’re a certified HVAC contractor already, you’re unlikely to have.

To make a long story short: Most people find it’s not worth the associated hassles, and it’s just easier and better to call the professionals at the outset of their furnace replacement project. 

Please DO NOT try to repair or replace your furnace on your own, because there’s a very good chance you’ll still have to have a professional come out later to repair what you thought you fixed. Instead, contact Peace Heating and Air Conditioning and get the job done quick and right the first time, every time!


Need Hot Air? Don’t Despair! 

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Your H.V.A.C. systems are the unsung heroes of your home, keeping your family comfortable year-round. If your heating system isn’t doing its job the way you want it to, contact Peace Heating And Air Conditioning!


From Charlotte to Winston-Salem and beyond, we want to make sure your home or office is the welcoming, comfortable place you deserve to have.


For service and inspections at noon or emergency replacement at midnight, call Peace Heating And Air Conditioning and find out why we’re the only name you need to know for your heating and cooling needs!


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