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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my warranty cover?

Under the standard factory warranty, our brands cover parts that fail during the warranty period due to defect in the part. The warranty does not cover labor. A warranty certificate was included with your homeowner information packet, and is specific to the model numbers, serial numbers and installation dates of your products. If you cannot find your warranty certificate, Peace Heating And Air Conditioning will also be able to provide you with the information.

Do you offer financing options?

We offer a variety of financing options to fit your budget. With our flexible financing options, we can provide you with convenient monthly payments and online account management.

If  approved for HVAC financing, you have access to the following:

  • Convenient  monthly payments
  • Flexible financing options
  • Online account management

What is the life expectancy for my unit?

Dependable Peace products are among the longest lasting heating and cooling products available. For your specific equipment, there are many variables that affect life expectancy, and of course, the regularity of routine maintenance.

Does my system need to be maintained? How often?

By performing regular maintenance, you can maximize the life-cycle of your heating or cooling unit and guard against many common equipment failures. Preventive maintenance inspections performed on a regular basis can uncover leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wires and corroded electrical contacts that the naked eye may not notice.


What equipment requires regular (or preventative) maintenance?

At least twice a year heat pumps and air conditioners require a professional tune-up. Meanwhile, heat pump and air conditioning unit inspections should also include inspections of the fan, compressor, indoor coils, outdoor coils, line kits and refrigerant lines.


What if I need help troubleshooting a problem with my equipment?

Peace is your troubleshooting expert, and is glad to help you. In addition, Peace also provides a network of troubleshooting technicians that will work efficiently to resolve your concern. Should we encounter a situation that requires additional factory help, we will contact our factory supported Service Manager(s) for assistance.

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