At Peace Heating & Air Conditioning, we take service to our community seriously—especially when it comes to the brave men and women who serve us and our country so proudly and selflessly. So when the TV show Military Makeover with Montel reached out to us to help a local military family, the Pryors of Charlotte, NC, we were proud to answer the call. We removed their old unit, which had definitely seen better days and just wasn’t up to mission spec anymore, allowing us to make their home a more comfortable and enjoyable place with an HVAC upgrade, featuring a new two-stage central air conditioning unit from Goodman Manufacturing!

Military Makeover with Montel is hosted by TV legend and USMC AND US Navy veteran Montel Williams, who still serves as a dedicated advocate for issues affecting the safety, welfare and well-being of active duty military and veterans alike to this day. Montel’s Military Makeover program offers contractors of every discipline from around the country the opportunity to apply their skills to serve our dedicated servicemembers with needed home improvements.

Our owner, Brian Pysz, was onsite at the Pryor home from minute one to job done, and took a couple of minutes to talk with Art Edmonds of Military Makeover with Montel about the project; why we love Goodman Manufacturing products; and Peace Heating & Air Conditioning’s commitment to service. Here’s what Brian had to say!

When Art asked why Peace Heating & Air Conditioning chose the specific unit we did for the Pryors’ home, Brian said, “We made the decision to go with a four-ton…communicating system, 18 SEER [Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio], one of the best out there when it comes to Goodman. We love the technology. We love the ease it brings to us, but we also love the fact that the customer’s going to get a very, very comfortable home with extremely reliable equipment.”

But why Goodman Manufacturing? Brian had an answer for that too.

“We’ve built our business on Goodman,” he said. “We really do believe in Goodman…For us, there has to be a trust factor that the parts are going to be available, service is going to be available, and if need be we can call tech support and have conversations with them to make sure that the customer’s always happy. And we feel good, because we’re the face, right? We’re walking up and selling Goodman to [our customers] and I feel super comfortable with that.”

One of the things that sets Peace Heating & Air Conditioning apart from other HVAC companies is our use of ComfortBridge technology for installation, diagnostics and repairs. “It’s one of the most amazing things for us as a company. We’re able to go out, connect to the system, find out what’s going on and correct it right away without any issues.” This gives both our technicians and our customers confidence that we’re fixing the right issues and addressing actual problems when they arise, making us more efficient and better able to serve our customers.  

It was a privilege, an honor and a joy for everyone at Peace Heating & Air Conditioning to work with the Military Makeover with Montel crew and the Pryor family. We believe serving our community is one of the most important things we can do, as a company and as individuals. Now, we’d like to invite you to find out for yourself why Peace Heating & Air Conditioning is where peace of mind meets heating and air conditioning. Click here to contact Peace Heating and Air Conditioning today, and let us make sure your HVAC system is ready for winter and the seasons to come!


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