“After meeting Brian Pysz, that’s what you get. Just a sense of peace, using this company.”

“You can’t beat the peace of mind.”

“The last name, Pysz, for Brian, it represents exactly why we entered into this partnership.”

“He just brings peace to every part of his business.”

These are just a few of the great things real customers of Peace Heating and Air Conditioning have to say about Brian Pysz and his company. The same great customer care and efficient service you previously expected from Brian and Tamara Pysz’s old franchise is still the same, under a new name: Peace Heating and Air Conditioning!

Brian Pysz says, “Everything about [Peace Heating and Air Conditioning] is exactly the same [as when we were a franchisee]. As you know if you’ve been one of our customers, from beginning to end it’s a seamless process. We want to make you happy, we want to earn your business, we want you to tell other people about us and it will continue to be that way…Same location, same trucks with our new logo, same staff. We’re really pumped to be able to say, ‘We can offer you peace of mind with all your heating and air conditioning needs.’”

The rebranding of Peace Heating and Air Conditioning reflects Brian and Tamara’s core values in a uniquely personal and intimate way, as does their new slogan, “Where peace of mind meets heating and air conditioning.” Many people have asked Brain and Tamara about the name change, and the reason is very simple: They wanted a name which reflects who and what they are, what they believe should be the core of their business and what they want to inspire their customers to feel every time, with every service call. HVAC maintenance and repair calls can be stressful, but Peace Heating and Air Conditioning is dedicated to making them as seamless, streamlined and worry-free for the customer as possible. With the pronunciation of their last name, Pysz (peace), the name was a natural fit. Peace Heating and Air Conditioning was officially unveiled to the public on October 1st, 2020!

Peace Heating and Air Conditioning proudly offers the services their customers have come to know and trust, suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, government and healthcare settings including:


When you need HVAC maintenance, repair, replacement or new installation, 24/7/365, you need a company that cares about you and making sure you and yours get the best results possible the first time, every time, no matter the time of year, day or night. That’s why Peace Heating and Air Conditioning is here! To find out more about Peace Heating and Air Conditioning, or to experience the peace of mind which comes from hiring an HVAC contractor you can trust, click here to contact us or call us at (704) 746-9723.  

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