“Where PEACE Of Mind Meets Heating And Air Conditioning”

At Peace Heating And Air Conditioning, we don’t stop at customer service. We go above and beyond to treat our customers the way they deserve: like family! We sat down with Farrah Hinkle, who has been Peace Heating And Air Conditioning business development manager since we opened our doors in 2017, to get her thoughts on what sets Peace Heating And Air Conditioning apart—and why our customers keep coming back to the service with heart we strive to deliver on every call.


“From the minute our technician shows up, you know who we are. We’re in a marked truck, they’re in a marked uniform. You get a text with your technician’s photo so you know who’s coming to the door. We never ring the doorbell; we always knock. We shake your hand, provide you with a business card, and…make sure you feel 100% comfortable before we even step foot into your home.”

Farrah says prioritizing customer comfort is a key aspect of her position, and she loves her work. “I want everything to be seamless for the customer and for them to be 100% happy and satisfied,” she said. “We’re just always putting the customer first. Any concerns or hesitations that we have, we’re always making sure that we’re providing them with an understanding of what we are doing for them.”

One aspect Farrah is especially proud of is the fact that, unlike some HVAC contractors, Peace Heating And Air Conditioning takes a different approach when it comes to caring for our customers. “We’re always trying to save the customer money and not upsell them. We are not commission-based whatsoever…We are 100% quality over quantity and, I mean, the customer always comes first in every situation.”

Farrah says she enjoys the fact Peace Heating And Air Conditioning is so focused on ways we can help build a stronger, better community. “Brian [Pysz, our owner] is constantly looking for ways for us to get more involved in the community, in several different local charities, anything we can get involved with or help someone in need. That’s very important to us…I can’t imagine not having that relationship not being the most important part. These are not just things that our team and our owners say. We’ve built a really strong community.”

To Farrah, the rewards, and the results of Peace Heating And Air Conditioning’s ongoing commitment to the community and our clientele, speak for themselves. “Go on Google, look at our reviews and you will see we’re a five-star rated company and you will see customers’ testaments to the service that we have provided.”

Peace Heating And Air Conditioning’s dedication to our customers really shines through for, and in, Farrah and her approach to helping our customers get the best possible service for their needs. “It’s a family that we build. These aren’t truly, and Brian will tell you the same thing, these aren’t just customers, these are lifelong relationships we’re building, and have built…We consider our customers like our family, and that’s how we treat them.”

At Peace Heating And Air Conditioning, we want to be much more than just the best HVAC contractor around. We demonstrate the kind of excellence, craftsmanship, and care that you’d expect from your own family, if not more. For all your HVAC maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation needs, call Peace Heating And Air Conditioning at (704) 746-9723 or click here to contact us today to experience the Peace Heating And Air Conditioning difference, and a heating and air conditioning contractor with a heart, for yourself!


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