Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Peace Heating And Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling! Joining us is the owner, Brian Pysz. Brian, we can see that you’re currently performing a furnace maintenance and furnace repair. Can you tell us more about what we’re seeing? ( Check out our Furnace Repair services here. 

Brian Pysz : Yeah, so, with our maintenance program, it’s a 78-point inspection. We check in the spring as well as in the fall, and we go from beginning to end, so with 78 points, we’re not just going out, washing the coils and walking away. We’re making sure everything’s working and up to par, trying to be proactive instead of reactive.

Is furnace maintenance necessary?

Regular maintenance and tune-ups on your furnace are crucial to ensuring the smooth function of your home or business’s HVAC system and maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Preventive maintenance helps keep your heating and air conditioning functioning on the hottest days and the coldest nights, allowing you and the people you care about to stay comfortable even at peak heating season while paying less on your energy bills! Now let’s go back to Brian. Read more about our Furnace Replacement services here. 

Brian Pysz: Chad, right now, is upstairs doing work on the unit that’s in the attic, just making sure everything’s good there. Then he can come back out again and check the outside unit as well just to make sure that they’re coinciding and doing well. It’s easy for us to just go out and…do a quick furnace tuneup and look at it really quick. But for us, we really recommend the maintenance so we can always have our eye on what’s happening with each individual customer, so they’re not caught in any unhappy situations, be it summer or in the winter.  


How long does furnace maintenance take?

Some people think all you need for an annual furnace inspection is having someone in to work on cleaning the blowers, have the air duct system checked for blockages, inspect the burner and change out the furnace filters. With Peace Heating And Air Conditioning’ preventative maintenance for your heating system, those are only the start of our comprehensive 78-point AC maintenance and furnace inspection. We don’t start at just a basic gas furnace or boiler tune-up. We also include services including evaluating the safety and proper function of your :

  • blower motors
  • blower wheel
  • burner flames
  • circuit breakers
  • electrical connections
  • flame sensor
  • gas pressure
  • heat exchanger
  • hot surface igniter
  • power switch
  • and more!


Let’s turn it back over to Brian! Brian, what is Chad currently doing?

Brian Pysz: As you can see, Chad’s now taking some pictures as part of our maintenance as we, again, get a baseline of what’s happening. Chad, what did you just get finished doing? I saw you taping some stuff up there and was wondering what’s happening.

Chad: First, we inspect the coils to make sure that it’s up to par, it doesn’t have rust in the pan, doesn’t have rust all over the coils. This one seems to be okay. We like getting the model and serial numbers of things. We put a union on the condensate, blew the condensate out and talked to the customer about setting the easy-traps on it.

Chad: Yeah, there are no safeties on this unit. We usually have a safety in the pan and we have a safety on the condensate, so we wire those right into the thermostat. So if this plugs, it shuts off the thermostat, if water gets into the pan, it shuts off the thermostat, we save the ceiling.

Brian Pysz: That’s right. And that’s what the important part is, we save any damage that would happen to the homeowner.

Peace Heating And Air Conditioning wants their valued customers to rest comfortably every night. They’re dedicated and committed to being their customers’ complete HVAC contractor. And, they want to help everyone find the comfort they deserve. That’s why we offer our Total Comfort Maintenance Membership. All of this work can seem incredibly overwhelming, and that’s wherePeace Heating And Air Conditioningcan step in. Our Total Comfort Maintenance Membership program helps homeowners just like you keep their heating and air conditioning systems operating the way they should be all year long. We’re committed to caring for your business or home. 

What does annual furnace maintenance include?

Total Comfort Maintenance Memberships are preventative maintenance plans which include: 

  • 2 78-point inspections every year
  • Free leak checks
  • Discounted replacement parts for issues such as:
    • ac repair
    • heat and cool appliance repair
    • appliance door repair
  • No after-hours charges on service requests
  • Priority service
  • And much more, all brought to you by the cooling and heating contractors Charlotte metro has come to know and trust. 


And the benefits? Extend the lifespan of your HVAC equipment, and forget all about your AC and heat-related stresses. If you have any questions about HVAC maintenance, please give us a call at (704) 746-9723. We’re happy to help!

How much does furnace maintenance cost?

DIY furnace maintenance can cost you a lot more than a couple of tedious hours. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could overlook signs of wear, tear or damage which could compromise your system’s efficiency, performance, and safety. In addition, many manufacturers and home inspectors will not accept DIY maintenance as “proper” unless the homeowner is specially certified through the state of North Carolina, which could void system warranties or leave you responsible for unexpected additional expenses. For the time you stand to lose, the problems it could cause and the money it could cost, you’ll spend a lot less and get much better results by having the professionals come in and do it for you, while you focus on more important things, like your family!

Are furnace maintenance plans worth it?

From fixing furnace to tune-ups on your air conditioners to inspecting your ductless mini-split system, Peace Heating And Air Conditioning’ Total Comfort Maintenance Membership can help keep you and your family comfortable year-round, no matter what the mercury or the weather does. For more information or to get a Total Comfort Maintenance Membership for your home or business, call, click or come by Peace Heating And Air Conditioning today!

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