At Peace Heating And Air Conditioning, we’re very proud of the work that we do for our clients and our community. We wanted to share with you a recent commercial HVAC installation for a local Mooresville company. Brian Pysz, Peace Heating, And Air Conditioning’ owner walked us through the installation process.

The company in question needed a new heat pump that was beefy enough to control the temperature throughout a fairly large area. After evaluating the company’s needs, including the size of the space they would be managing, they chose a five-ton heat pump which would help control the climate within the building while keeping the associated operating costs down.  Peace Heating And Air Conditioning believes in being proactive and making our presence felt in the results our clients get, not—well, our presence. We move as fast as possible to ensure system function and occupant comfort while minimizing system downtime. Because the business needed to remain open for customers during the installation, we had to execute our operations so as to minimize our impact on theirs.  

The installation was a two-day operation. In order to install the new system, we began by removing the existing rooftop unit and preparing the site to receive the updated mechanical elements of the heat pump, both inside and outdoors. On the outside, the removal phase required employing a telescoping boom lift to get the original unit down. Inside, some renovations were necessary, including the creation of ceiling popouts and modifications to the existing vents to accommodate the new system.  

With the original system safely off the roof and the interior refinements out of the way, day two began with setting the new heat pump into place. Once the heat pump was positioned correctly, we were ready to begin the final install and perform the system checks to make sure everything was working the way it’s supposed to. We’re very pleased with the work we did and think our client is going to be very happy with their choice of climate control solution and trusting us to perform the installation for years to come.

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